Where has the time gone?

It has been over a year since my last post here.  Wow.  I guess getting engaged and then married and buying your first house and renovating your first house will do that to you.  I have missed this blog. For so many years this blog has been one of my favorite things to do and I look forward to reviving that.  Until I get this up and running again, I thought I would share a few of my favorite clippings and inspiration from the past year.  Even in the age of Pinterest and Evernote (two of my favorite apps) I still have an inspiration folder on my desktop that I drag things into, whoops!  It's the 2014 version of the folders I used to keep with magazine clippings. xo

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Inspired By: Resort

Happy Sunday! A sweet dose of inspiration from the 2014 Resort shows, just in time for the weather to (finally) start warming up in New York City. Enjoy those iced lemonades and Citi Bikes, I know I will.

Images: Pinterest // Style.com
Products: J.Crew // Net-a-Porter


Black on Black on Shiny Silver.

A girl can dream, right?  Well lately my dreams have been all things black and shiny, shiny silver.  When I first moved to New York I wore black all the time, mostly because it is what I saw on tv.   I was trying to look "cool" and fit in but mostly I ended up looking quite goth, ha.  

Ever since, I have been adding colors and neutrals to my wardrobe, but my love for an all black ensemble has never quite fully died.  There is something extremely powerful about wearing all black, especially leather and Givenchy! Of course I can't afford any of the below, but I turn 25 next week (hint hint to all my FAVORITE friends and family.)


Camel + Black for Fall.

I don't own a black fall/winter coat!  I had a black leather jacket, but left it at the Wythe hotel in Brooklyn a few months ago and never got it back.  I thought that not having a black coat would make it impossible for me to wear all black when it's cold out, but then I rediscovered my beloved Camel coat.  The mix of Camel + Black works perfectly!  They complement each other in ways I would never have imagined.  The black pops even more when the light brown colors and textures are piled on top.  Anyways, I was very happy to discover that not having a black coat would not be a tragedy after all and rocked the Camel + Black look this week for dinner with friends. Enjoy! xo

Coat: Reiss (Old)
Shoes: Zara Vamp Heel (Deal of a lifetime!)
Belt: Reiss (Old)

[ Taken via iPhone Technology! ] 


Backstage at Isabel Marant.

Isabel Marant goodness backstage from 2011 and 2012! Over and over again. The most wearable designer right behind my beloved T by Alexander Wang and Theory. Enjoy! x

Spring 2012:

Spring 2011:

[ Images via Knight Cat ]


Burgundy is the New Black.

Burgundy has always looked good on me, so I am happy to announce that it is going to be HUGE this Fall.  I have already seen it popping up everywhere and am excited to be able to wear it from head to toe for the next 6 months. And who doesn't love a good burgundy wine? Enjoy! xo 

4. Stella McCartney Flats
6. Essie "Skirting the Issue"


I'm BACK and With an Outfit Roundup!

Hello friends, I am back from my month long blog-detox.  I haven't even really READ a blog since the end of July.  Let's just say, my blog roll is exceeding every maximum limit possible.  What I discovered while I was away... was my love affair with magazines again, something I had really been missing.  Anyways, I am happy to be back, but my break was much needed.  I focused on spending time with family, friends and working my ass off.  Here's what I wore and what I did the past few weeks, some new purchases are really spicing up my wardrobe lately. Enjoy! xo

Some new purchases:

Alexander Wang heels and Missoni Bathing Suit via The Outnet

New Zara animal print pants

Some things I did:
Went to Montauk and jumped around.

Had some great summer nights in Montauk.

My baby Cousin Mia came to visit me in NY.

Got my hair did all Ombre.

My sister and mom came to visit!

And then there are just more pictures, as always:
Trying on new Chanel glasses with polka dot Paige denim.

Hoping for September so I can start wearing this plaid Zara amazingness.

Big smile!

Really loving this spoon at Quality Meats that fed me yummy food.

Take by DLF xo

A lot of leg and Rag & Bone and Alex Wang Heels.

[ All photos are my own via INSTAGRAM. Follow me: tofallintolove ]


Givenchy Love.

Thanks to a little something I like to call, Barney's had a sale and now my credit card is maxed out, these hunter green Givenchy Gladiator Sandals are mine.  I have never been a huge fan of the color green but these are the perfect summer to fall to winter and back again shoes.  I am looking forward to making these a statement piece in my wardrobe.

Worn here with...
Urban Outfitters Vintage floral silk blouse
BDG Jeans
Levi's Belt

[ All photos via iPhone technology ]