Camel + Black for Fall.

I don't own a black fall/winter coat!  I had a black leather jacket, but left it at the Wythe hotel in Brooklyn a few months ago and never got it back.  I thought that not having a black coat would make it impossible for me to wear all black when it's cold out, but then I rediscovered my beloved Camel coat.  The mix of Camel + Black works perfectly!  They complement each other in ways I would never have imagined.  The black pops even more when the light brown colors and textures are piled on top.  Anyways, I was very happy to discover that not having a black coat would not be a tragedy after all and rocked the Camel + Black look this week for dinner with friends. Enjoy! xo

Coat: Reiss (Old)
Shoes: Zara Vamp Heel (Deal of a lifetime!)
Belt: Reiss (Old)

[ Taken via iPhone Technology! ] 

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