The Conversation.

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Last night I got completely hooked and obsessed on The Conversation with host Amanda De Cadanet, thanks to my lovely friend Kathrin.  The first episode I watched featured the incredible Diane Von Furstenberg.  The 10 minutes that Amanda spent just chatting with her in her living room, made a world of difference to me.  

As a young woman, I often find myself struggling to balance all the things I am doing in my life and the things I want to do with my life. The best quote DVF said was, "I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I knew the woman I wanted to be and that was an independent woman." How true this is that we don't necessarily have to know exactly what we want to do, but if we know the type of person we want to be, that is often enough to get us started.  I have always admired how confident and courageous Diane is and how far she has come.  When she was young and just starting her career, she found herself pregnant and engaged but worried that she wouldn't be able to have a career as well.  One of the most important things that a woman can do is have a career and a life for herself.  Having a family and a boyfriend or husband is of course SO important to most women, but you need to have that life and relationship with yourself.  This is something that I am slowly starting to learn more and more and getting to know myself better each and every day.  When you do that, you realize how strong you actually are and how much you are capable of conquering.  We all have this inside of us.

I know this post was a little different than my usual ones, but I hope that this blog can cover all the things that we think about and love every day, beyond just fashion and inspiration.  The Conversation airs Thursdays at 11pm on Lifetime and I hope you all get a chance to watch it! There have been so many other amazing women featured and they all have a story to tell and empower you with. xo

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