Things That Wow Me

A lot of times while I am browsing blogs or sites, I see things that "wow" me and I have to share them with someone.  Here, I have collected a variety of things that are amazing and breathtaking and will blow your socks off. Enjoy! xo

Scott Weaver's "Rolling Through the Bay" took 100,000+ toothpicks and 35 years of his life to build this kinetic version of San Francisco. Check out more images, video and copy about the project via Fast.Co Design here. Images via Fast.Co Design.

A few years ago Sony did a commercial featuring 200,000+ bouncy balls. These limited edition prints of the commercial being shot are now available for purchase here via photographer Peter Funch. Watch the commercial here and the behind the scenes making of it here. Incredible production, but what happened to the bouncy balls afterwards? Images via Honestly...WTF

The Wadi Rum Resort opening in Jordan in 2014 looks absolutely spectacular and unique.  Seems like it is going to take so much work, but well worth it! Read more here.

These new Vladimir Nabokov book covers are so artistic and inspiring via Pentagram.  I love how the colors and images are woven in with the text and square structure of the middle of the cover.

Maarten Baas created this "Empty Chair" for a project and dedication via Amnesty International. Such an inspiring work of art and photo. Image via Fast.Co Design.

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