Seeing Double

I am back from my great adventure/road trip and all of a sudden it is full-blown SUMMER in NYC.  I couldn't be happier about the shorts and sandal weather and it finally feels like it is going to be great weather for months.  I feel like the past two months have been busy for me and this blog has taken a little bit of the bulk of that, apologies!  I am really trying to get into a groove where I can dedicate more time to updating this little love affair of mine, patience please and thank you.  Anyways, today I have some great double exposure photography/art to share with you and I hope you enjoy it.  I love the way both artists capture beauty within their work, incredible. Enjoy! xo

First artist: Dan Mountford

Image credits: Dan Mountford's Flickr stream, you can also purchase his work here.

Second Artist: Pakayla Biehn

Images via Flavorwire.

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