Dreams and Passions

I have been determined since the beginning of this year to keep this blog as non-personal as possible, but somehow I always come back to writing tid bits about my life.  I recently landed what is quite possibly one of my first "dream" jobs at an advertising agency that I could have only ever hoped to work for.  Location, culture, genius and innovative are a few words that I would use to describe this place that I now call home 5 days a week.  A lot of you (strangers) may not have even know I worked in advertising, but well, now you do!

Anyways, that is pretty much my long-winded excuse/apology for not blogging. Trust me, my fingers have missed typing and scrolling and pinning favorites to post on Pinterest but work has had to be my priority for the last few weeks. I will get the hang of working + blogging + being social one day, I have made it my mission. Anyways, here a little inspiration post that I hope will inspire you. Enjoy! xo

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