A Weekly Routine

I have been thinking a lot about what direction I want this blog to go and I think I may have finally figured it out.  Ever since I was little I have loved lists and organization and things being in a routine.  I am a creature of habit by nature and there are just a lot of things in life that I like to constantly remain the same.  I like the same foods and I always watch the same 25 movies.  I consider myself adventurous and confident in many other aspects of life, but routine is happiness for me.  So, I am thinking of making each day on this blog a different theme, purpose and post.  They may rhyme, like Music Monday or Fashion Friday or they may just stand for a different perspective each day, such as on Tuesdays I post things I have loved for years or on Wednesdays I explore something completely new.  I just want this blog to be an exciting experience for all of us, even me!  I want to be pushed outside my comfort zone as a blogger and you should feel excited and want to come back each week for more.  I would absolutely LOVE to hear your feedback in the comments section below this post or email me at: tofallintolove@gmail.com.  I will be debuting a weekly line-up next monday and we will go from there! Thanks in advance for all your support and keep reading. xo

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