Rain Rain Go Away

So, being the unpredictable person that I am, I have once AGAIN changed my mind about this whole, monday deals post.  I, of course, want to share with you deals that I love and that pop up from time to time, but having it on one day every single week almost forces me to choose items that I don't necessarily LOVE, so I will be bringing them to you as they come.  I just love this blog so much and am so dedicated to the posts I do, that I hate ruining them but posting forced content.  I thought the idea of structure would make it so much easier, but it has brought so much more chaos.  

It is raining here today in NYC and I don't know how I feel about it.  Luckily I don't really have to be out in it today, thus my neutral feelings about the situation.  We had many glorious days in NYC last week, including Friday which was 75 and sunny, AMAZING.  I spent the weekend seeing the broadway play, Million Dollar Quartet, with some friends and running lots of errands. I HIGHLY recommend the show to anyone who loves Johnny Cash and Elvis, the singers in the play make their songs come to life again.  I also met people at Mexican Radio in SoHo on Saturday for some great Mexican food and margaritas, incredible!  All-in-all it was a mellow weekend and yesterday I of course managed to get some shopping in and make it home in time to watch Jersey Shore, Kourtney & Kim Take Manhattan and After Lately.  Wow, my guilty pleasures are borderline embarrassing, except for Jersey Shore, I know you all watch it and love it.

I wanted to post some pictures of things I was up to last week, since right now at 9:20 am on Monday morning, my brain is not quite functioning enough to think of a post that is actually awesome, maybe a bit later.  Enjoy the day and sorry for so much writing! Enjoy! xo

New shelves in my apartment, bare for now, but growing every single day.

 A few of my favorite books that I featured on the shelf. An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin is a must-read.

Last week was painting week, working on a huge project for above my couch, pictures to come when finished!

Nail polish of the week: Essie, Turquoise & Caicos <3

Flowers and love from Austin, TX

Rain on my window this morning.

I have never kept a plant alive in my life, but meet Bob, he is going on 3 months old now.
Images: Me

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