I have been thinking so much lately about fate.  What does it mean, does it exist, how do we wrap our heads around it?  The word fate means, Destiny, an inevitable course of events.  But if this were real then what power do we actually have to change our lives?  And if it's not true, then why have people for so many years relied on the saying 'what is meant to be, will be'?  I know a lot of people who could argue both sides of this; religious or not, happy or not, educated or not.  My feelings are that life is unexpected.  Things happen that we don't expect all the time, but a lot of how are life goes is through decisions that we either expect or don't expect ourselves to make.  I shock the hell out of myself sometimes and I think almost everyone can say they have before.  I shocked myself when a year and half ago I woke up and felt it was absolutely necessary for me to move to New York to be happy.  Where that really came from, I may never know, but it happened and it was unexpected.  I am not sure if anyone ever really knows what they are doing.  We are all grasping at how to make the years we feel happy and motivated and in love and living life, great ones.  I think that fate could definitely exist, but how will we ever know that it is fate or just a decision that we ultimately came to?  I guess that is what keeps life interesting. xo

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