That Moment

I am having a moment.  A moment in my life when things aren't perfect, but they are right.  In my opinion, nothing should ever be perfect, there has to be room for imperfection in our lives.  I feel completely confident and at the same time completely overwhelmed.  For the first time in a very long time, I am unsure the path I want to go because there are so many right in front of me.  I know I said that this blog would no longer be a venting system for my personal life, but I know a lot of you that read this are my family and friends and sometimes we all need a moment.  I am so incredibly happy and loved and well balanced these days that it seems as if I could take on the world.  I just want to find the job and the passion and the life that is right for me and it seems to be all falling into place, but I have hit that crossroads again that I thought I left behind years ago.  What do I really want to be?  Who do I really want to be?  Which of my dreams and passions and aspirations are the biggest?  I know that people will always tell you to follow your heart, but what if your heart wants something that is less practical, more risky, do you follow it?  I thought I was getting too old to be thinking about my career dreams, but then I come back down to earth and I remember that I am only 23.  I literally have the entire world ahead of me.  While most of my high school graduating class is just finishing college, I have moved to NYC and had 3 jobs and internships and life experiences that are irreplaceable.  I have the life that I have worked for and that I love, so what's next?  We will just have to see.

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