Happy Friday

Today it is 63 degrees out in NYC.  I am literally jumping for joy that I am able to wear simply a t-shirt and jeans with a light sweater.  After months of snow and huge coats, it is a welcomed break.  I am really looking forward to a great 3-day weekend full of relaxing, shopping and spring weather.  I hope you are all prepared for this fabulous President's Day weekend.  See you all next week! Enjoy. xo

A few things that are inspiring me this week:
A brand new piece of artwork by the fabulous and talented Kelli Murray.  I love her work, you can check out her blog here and her Etsy shop here.  She is from San Diego, like me, and she is inspired by the love in her life, so precious.

Just one of the amazing inspiration trays that Kelly Wearstler creates.  I am feeling so inspired by here new blog, My Vibe My Life.  Now we can all get a peak behind the scenes of one of today's best interior designers.  Check out her website here.

The MOST adorable monkey print that I have to have, courtesy of Sharon Montrose via my favorite art site, 20 x 200.  I always visit 20 x 200 and it has become a daily obsession for some of the most affordable and unique art prints.

Stumbled across this Visual Tour of London via For Me, For You.  Loving this and wanting to get back to London ASAP.

This quote via ilovewildfox.com almost put me to tears:
"Those who are trying to find love will end up with hatred, frustration and insanity. Those who are trying to find wealth will end up totally neurotic, psychotic and totally crab. Because if you are trying to find something, you have basically, intentionally, intuitively, and individually accepted that you do not have it." Yogi Bhajan
 Can't wait to go and see these movies, ASAP.  Hello long weekend <3

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