Chicken Fajitas.

Let me start out this post with this: I am a horrible cook.  I have tried on many occasion to whip something up for dinner and failed miserably.  It doesn't come naturally to me and I don't think I am enough of a foodie to want to make up recipes on the fly.  But we all have to eat and thus, my new cooking series begins.  I am going to start with simple dishes, like Chicken Fajitas, and work my way up.  I hope you enjoy the ride! xo 

For the below I used a variation of this recipe.

Chop up all the vegetables.

 Slice chicken into thin strips.

 Get your seasonings and combine with oil in a plastic bag to make a nice marinade.

 Add chicken and knead in the sealed bag. Store in the fridge for about 15 minutes.

Heat pan and add vegetables and oil.  Once hot, add the chicken and marinade in.

 Fry until chicken is golden brown. Adding more spices as needed or desired.

I served with flour tortillas, cilantro and lime with a side of cheese, pineapple salsa and blue corn chips.

The end result. A simple, healthy, cheap and easy meal...and no one died! Stay tuned for more next week :)

[ All photos are my own ]

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