The Big Decision: New Glasses.

Since I can remember, I have worn glasses or contacts.  Every year when I was allowed to get a new pair, it was the most exciting thing.  There was the time my mom convinced me to buy them from Wal-Mart and they were huge and round.  There was also the time in 6th grade that transition lenses were having a popularity streak...lets just say that they never fully were sunglasses or glasses but something odd in-between.  There were times I had the best glasses in the whole class and the times that I had the worst, but they have always been apart of my look.  I now mainly wear contacts and reserve my glasses for tv time before bed, Saturday mornings with friends and hanging with family, but who's to say that they don't reserve to see some nice specks on me, right?  So thus, the big decision.  Right now I am wearing these by Warby Parker.  Choices below, please help! xo


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