Ombre Hair

I have been debating changing my hair for a few months now, but I just CANNOT imagine parting with my long locks.  Luckily, I have been doing a little research and I think the Ombre look might be just want I need to spice things up without losing my length or color.  Thoughts?  Has anyone else had a success story with going ombre?  I think I would want to lean towards a more natural look and don't want to go too drastic on colors in either direction.  Here are a few inspiration photos on diving in and going OMBRE.   I will keep you posted on whether I make the leap or not.  Enjoy! xo

Jessica Biel goes for the natural ombre.

Lily wears her ombre with waves.

How our favorite Man Repeller does the ombre look.

Models do ombre in many shapes and sizes.

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