A Little Bit of This and That: Friday Favorites!

Life passes us by very quickly, spend that time doing what you love, with the people you love.  When I am flipping through magazines and blogs and seeing inspiration, it only reminds me more and more how beautiful life is and how creative people can be.  It is odd, but seeing fashion and home and beauty and travel and relationship and quote and design inspiration, only makes life MORE enjoyable for me.  I hope you feel the same for something you are inspired by.  I envision myself in the context of these photos and think, how happy would I be if I were doing that with this person?  I hope I don't sound crazy or materialistic at all, I am probably the furthest from it, but blogging and great design keep me sane sometimes.  I love that blogging pushes people to love and appreciate things they wouldn't normally be able to ever see.  Does anyone else feel this way? :)

Enjoy your weekend loves!! xo

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