Get Away And Find Something New

I am not always sure of myself.  I have learned that doubt seeps in very easily when you are young and adventurous, full of dreams and hopes and wishes and aspirations.  Though not very often, I have times when I doubt what I want, where I am going and when I should just stand still.  Do you have times like this?  I am pretty sure every single person I know has.  When I have these tinges, I just want to escape, to get away and find something new, but a very big part of who I am as an adult and a person and as Amanda Elizabeth is knowing when to stand my ground and wait for the tinges to pass and keep moving forward exactly where I am.  I know that we are not supposed to admit that we doubt ourselves, but I have never been someone who is afraid to share their emotions.  We can't let doubt take over the better parts of our body and souls.  Someone I love very much will not love reading this post because he hates when I doubt myself and when I lose confidence in my abilities.  But I am only human and we can't always be so steadfast and strong.  I hope he knows that I can get through it because of his faith in me.  I hope everyone has faith in themselves, your doubts will melt away every single time if you hold onto the fact that you can do anything and be anyone you want to if you believe in yourself.


  1. I know we all tend to feel that way at times, where we second guess ourselves and each step we take.

    I think honestly, we just have to look at the little things, the good things, that we take for granted. And spoiling yourself a little bit never hurts either!

  2. Definitely. Life gives us so much to be happy for! <3