Keach Journal Company

I grew up in a small town outside of San Diego, CA named Alpine and on that block lived some of my best friends.  The Keach family lived two houses down and their me and my sister and their daughters were practically sisters for many, many years.  Well their father, Chris Keach, makes this AMAZING journal and they recently just launched a new website so that everyone can shop and enjoy the journal.  Its simplicity is what makes it so attractive and after gifting me one last year for my birthday, I just absolutely love it.  The story behind it is so touching and so much hard work and dedication went into designing and creating the Keach Journal Company.  I would love it if you could share with your friends and pass the name along.  I posted some pictures below and you can check out the website here.  Enjoy!

Pictures via Keach Journal Company website and the journal comes in a multitude of different colors besides red.  

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