Lack = Gain

This is me apologizing in advance for the lack of posts that will be coming your way this week.  I am blogging for, volunteering and attending Social Media Week here in NYC and my schedule is packed, beyond packed.  With all the events and panels, there will be hardly time for me to eat, case in point is last night when after long day I could hardly stand because of lack of starvation.  Today I am at least prepared with snacks to get me by.  Anyways, I promise to post at least a few times, but we will see how far that goes.  I am delighted to say that I am busy this week, but smiling while doing it.  I am so insanely lucky to be apart of an industry that is so innovative and ecstatic in everything they do.  I decided to name this post "lack" because I will be lacking a little this week, but gaining everything I possibly can.  It is so rewarding to have the power of instant knowledge, where in one single hour long panel, I can hold the key to changing so much in the digital advertising space at any company I work for.  I may have just exaggerated slightly, but the key here is that to be involved is to gain so much more than someone who wasn't.  Does this categorize me as a Social Media Week nerd?  I hope so!

P.S. I have a lot of new outfit - fashion - shoes type posts coming along that I am very excited about and also a lot of interior design inspiration, compliments of my magazine scouring over the weekend.  Stay tuned! xo

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